What is the LUDI? LUDI stands for Littoral Urbain Durable et Intelligent which means Sustainable and Intelligent Urban Coastal zone; LUDI  is the great societal challenge that La Rochelle University wishes to take up through its establishment project.

The PAMELi drone is part of the dynamic of the LUDI by its object of study since it targets coastal environments including urbanized coastal areas, but also because it is part of a logic of digital transition with automated archiving and dissemination via open access data portals (connected coastal zone and open data).

The PAMELi platform, small in size, with electric propulsion and making it possible to pool sea trips for different disciplines, is part of a long-term “zero-carbon” data collection objective which is also in line with the objectives of the LUDI.

Within La Rochelle University, the L3I laboratory is also developing a marine drone (named Jetskin) and activities around this marine drone, focusing more specifically on aspects of intelligent navigation, communication, programming, piloting, image analysis, while the LIENSs, through the PAMELi project, is more interested in the scientific applications offered by the drone.