Some key dates of the PAMELi project

Sep 2021
28 September 2021
“La Vieille Perrotine”, centre CAES du CNRS, 140, route des Allards
Saint Pierre d’Oléron, 17310 France
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“Drones et Capteurs Embarqués” days

The Drones & Cap' network organise its first "Drones et Capteurs Embarqués" days, from 31 May to 3 June 2021, at the CNRS CAES centre "La Vieille Perrotine" on the […]

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Aug 2021
23 August 2021

Field mission on the slopes of Etna

First geodetic mission for PAMELi on the slopes of Mount Etna to study the deformation of an underwater fault by combining GNSS and underwater acoustic signals (GNSS/A). This mission, FOCUS-G1, […]

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Feb 2021
25 February 2021

Field work with Master students

The students of the Master of Engineering program of La Rochelle University discover how PAMELi works during a field session in Aytre Bay.

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24 February 2021

PAMELi on France 3 NOA !

LIENSs laboratory and PAMELi project are in the spotlight in this episod of "NOA sur Mer". More informations here 👉

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04 February 2021

PAMELi’s team interview

Reporters of the program "NOA Sur Mer" for the French channel France 3 interviewed the LIENSs researchers and engineers about the research questions developped in the laboratory. The show will […]

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Oct 2020
29 October 2020
Espace Encan, Quai Louis Prunier
La Rochelle, 17000 France
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NOVAQ 2020

The PAMELi team will be present at NOVAQ Festival (the Festival de l'Innovation en Nouvelle Aquitaine) from 29 to 30 November 2020 in La Rochelle. Come and meet us at […]

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Sep 2020
17 September 2020

Water sampling in Aytré Bay

As part of a study on the sources of faecal contamination in the Aytré Bay, new water samples were taken at the same points as during last April mission.   […]

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Jul 2020
29 July 2020

Model validation campaign

A PAMELi mission was organized at the end of July 2020 in the "Coureau d'Oléron", offshore Fouras near La Rochelle in France. The aim of this mission is to test […]

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Jun 2020
16 June 2020

Drone consumption test

Drone consumption tests at the Angoulins nautical base : navigation along a profils at different speed to analyze PAMELi consumption data.

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Apr 2020
08 April 2020

Water sampling in Aytré Bay

As part of a study on the sources of faecal contamination in the Aytré Bay, water samples were made with PAMELi and then analyzed at the LIENSs laboratory. Samples recovery […]

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Dec 2019
13 December 2019
10 December 2019

Water sampling system test

Validation of the water sampling system concept at the Angoulins nautical base.

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Nov 2019
27 November 2019

Bathymetric measurements & DroneEduc project

Bathymetric measurements were carried out in the port of La Rochelle. This demonstration also allowed La Rochelle University students to discover how PAMELi works as part of the DroneEduc project.

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26 November 2019
Espace ENCAN,
Jul 2019
25 July 2019

Sea bottom geodesy campaign

GNSS/Acoustics positioning campaign in Brest bay, in collaboration with IUEM and iXBlue.

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Jun 2019
27 June 2019

Sea-level mapping campaign

Sea-level mapping campaing organized in the Pertuis Charentais area.

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May 2019
02 May 2019
Apr 2019
11 April 2019

PAMELi driving tests

PAMELi driving tests at Angoulins nautical base.

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Jul 2018
03 July 2018
Sep 2017
15 September 2017

Selection of ASV company

The C-CAT3 catamaran from the ASV company (now L3Harris ASV) was selected for the PAMELi project following a public procurement procedure launched in May 2017 (submission of tenders in July […]

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Jan 2015
01 January 2015

Beginning of the PAMELi project

Launch of the project in collaboration with the LIENSs, L3I and IUT-Telecom laboratories of La Rochelle University. Initially planned in partnership with a local industrialist, the project was finally carried […]

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