Nowadays, the marine drone industry is rapidly evolving with technological progress. The support vessel chosen for the PAMELi project was selected following a public procurement procedure. The  C-CAT3 catamaran  

Lenght: 3.02m

Width: 1.55m

Height: 1.4m

Draught: Min 0.39m, max (depending on the load) ~0.7m

Displacement: empty 270kg, fully loaded 340kg

Propulsion:2 x DC Electric engines with 3 blades propellers (torqueedo system)

Speed in operation: up to 8 knots

Voltage on board : 12V or 24V from the ASV company (now L3Harris ASV) was selected.

Le vecteur

It is a small yellow catamaran with a central nacelle to accommodate the piloting and communication system, as well as a scientific PC and most of the instruments. This nacelle is crossed by a lifting keel which serves as a support for the submerged instruments (depth sounder, physico-chemical sensors, sampling pipe).

The two floats contain the batteries and are fitted at the rear with small electric motors.