The PAMELi scientific team is made up of various current or future users. Below are some examples:

  • On the “sea level” theme, the main people already involved are Clémence Chupin (PhD student on the DroNivEauxLitt project for mapping sea level of coastal waters with a drone), Yann-Treden Tranchant (PhD student on hydrodynamic modeling in the Pertuis Charentais) and Laurent Testut (Phys. Adjoint, responsible for SONEL),
  • On the theme of “underwater geodesy”, our first work with PAMELi was carried out in the harbor of Brest, in collaboration with Jean-Yves Royer (IUEM) and the iXBlue company,
  • On the “water quality” theme, a new research project led by Hélène Agogué and Luc Vacher (LIENSs), the APSCA project (Multidisciplinary approach to the spatialization of microbiological contamination in the bay of Aytré), will use PAMELi for water sample collection.

We have developed various collaborations around the PAMELi project, with members of LIENSs laboratory teams, but also external collaborations. Our main collaborations are with:

  • DT INSU (instrumentation: Mini-Cyclopée, winch and sampling system),
  • IFREMER (in collaboration with DT-INSU, CNRS and ULR for the development of the water sampling system),
  • SONEL (sea level theme),
  • IUEM and iXBlue (underwater positioning theme, GNSS / Acoustics),
  • L3I (IT, telecom, smart piloting).